Miller Paint Environmental Commitment

Miller Paint Company holds a proud tradition and history in the Northwest for over 127 years. The company’s strong reputation for the highest quality products and superior customer service is unsurpassed. Since 1890, we have had a strong history of involvement in community projects, historic renovation, and community service.

Working with our growing communities, Miller Paint was first in the market to convert our main line of interior products, “Acro,” to a zero VOC product line in 1996. Acro was formulated for improved application, performance and incorporates the latest technology. Reintroduced as “Acro Pure,” a < 6 g/L VOC product line, it has received rave reviews for its performance qualities. These and several other lines, including Acri-Lite Exterior Acrylic, have among the lowest VOC levels of all exterior product lines manufactured in Portland, Oregon, and demonstrate the company’s commitment to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer in the marketplace.

Miller Paint’s commitment to reuse and recycle in its manufacturing process is evident in the reuse of tank washwater, recycling of paint, all paint buckets and labels, paper, plastic wrap and cardboard. Miller Paint’s commitment to reducing the total GHG emissions - carbon miles traveled by product components in the manufacturing process - is evident. Many of our raw materials are sourced within 80 miles of our manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, and 95% of the materials packaging these raw materials are recycled.

Most recently, Miller Paint started the move to FSC certified recycled content paper for their product literature. In their corporate offices and stores, Miller Paint recycles bottles, paper, cardboard and cans. The copy paper is a recycled content paper. It is also encouraged to scan and email in place of faxing whenever possible.

Miller Paint currently participates in two utility-based environmental programs: The Green Power program through PGE, which helps to fund renewable energy, and NW Natural’s Smart Energy program – a carbon-offset program that supports projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All applicable Miller Paint locations are full participants in the NW Natural program.
At the store level, Miller Paint has recently undergone energy audits; switching out light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs whenever possible, and either programming thermostats, or adjusting them at the open and close of business hours, to minimize the un-necessary heating of an empty store.

Miller Paint works directly with Metro, the directly elected regional government that serves more than 1.5 million residents in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, as well as the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, to recycle unused or unwanted latex paint. Metro Paint, is then sold by Miller Paint. There is a great internal program for recycling and re-purposing latex paints into workable products.
Most importantly, Miller Paint is committed to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer. As material technologies change over time, Miller Paint is constantly researching methods to utilize these new eco-friendly technologies while still maintaining our high quality products.

Proud Member of the American Coatings Association.